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Financial Sector Conference talks 3

15 Nov 2022


FSC organizes a series of talks to discuss the main current topics. FSC talks seek to discuss the economic changes that contribute to keeping pace with the Financial Sector Development Program, a flagship program of “Saudi Vision 2030” programs that aims at keeping pace with global developments in the sector and achieving qualitative leaps in financial services.

The conference brings together experts from all over the world to discuss global hot topics in the financial sector.

First Topic (Funds Industry)

Building a promising fund industry

  • Legislative talk: regulatory developments and opportunities for the funds industry
  • A new era of funds: creating long-term value in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision

This topic deals with local efforts in building this industry, shedding light on legislative and regulatory changes and developments, in addition to highlighting the most important opportunities for funds to enhance the local economy, the importance of indicators to measure the performance of traded funds, the interest rate environment shift causes and its impact on growth, and the FinTech as a catalyst in the development of this sector.

Second Topic (Debt Capital Market)

Deepening the debt capital market

  • Debt capital market: an engine of economic growth
  • Local debt market developments

This topic deals with the role of funds and issuances in economic growth, and sheds light on the secondary market, in addition to highlighting the importance of investment in creating growth, also the role of technical mobility in strengthening the economy, an introduction to international primary dealers, macro global economic outlook, and local debt capital market.